Streetside Brewery

Coffee Blonde: “Return of the Mac”

Streetside Brewery is a nice little place in the neighborhood of Columbia Tusculum in Cincinnati. It’s a bit far from the house, so I don’t get out here too often. They’re an interesting place as they’re not overly ipa heavy like most breweries these days. They have a good collection of most types of beer, not overly hoppy, not overly fruity. Usually a good collection.

It’s the first full week of restriction free drinking and it’s not busy, but not dead either. As I don’t get out here often, I’m probably not the right person to gauge if they’re busy or not.

The WordPress editor is a little odd.

Anyway, what’s nice is the space is really open, all the way to the brewing spaces, which is just a continuation of the taproom. They have all the windows, which are garage doors open, which gives a nice bit of ventilation.