Car incident timeline

Car incident timeline : USAA Adjuster Extension #50140

  • 1-17-2023 3:12PM Oakley Kroger Marketplace parking lot
    • Red Ford Escape with Ohio license plate JSK 4451 parks next to my car on the drivers side as shown in the video below. 
    • 31 seconds into the clip you can see a reflection as their door is partially opened
    • At 33 seconds you can see the camera shake as the door impacts the car.
    • The left repeater camera is attached to the front left quarter panel and is the only camera showing motion
Rear angle shows Escape’s approach and the red color (side cameras have a different color space)
  • 1-17-2023 3:13PM Oakley Kroger Marketplace parking lot
    • Car leaves the spot next to mine with two people still in the car

Damage to my car (note the red paint)

Final repair bill

  • 2-5-2023 4:36PM Oakley Kroger Marketplace parking lot
    • Parked in a similar spot as the EV spots were taken up with gasoline cars
    • Red Ford Escape was parked two spots down from me
    • Note the identical rust spot over the rear right tire and the identical crack alongside the rear right bumper

From Telsa


  • Escape is also missing the front right Ford badge on the wheels.
  • Also note the dot on the tire in the same place in both pictures

From Tesla video

From iPhone camera

Best pictures I have of the passenger

From Tesla video


License plate from iPhone